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The Last Proud Stamina Player.
Medicus [Clockwork City]
0 comments, 22/11/2017, by in build, Nightblade, PvE, Tank

FeaR Turbo’s Medicus build for the Clockwork City patch for PvE Content.  Nightblade tanks offers some unique Ultimate regeneration while providing heals over time through blood magic. This build revolves around keeping 2 buff sets up while healing and tanking. https://www.elderscrollsbot... Read more...

Fate [Morrowind]
0 comments, 13/07/2017, by in build, DPS, Magicka, PvE, Templar

This is my Fate build for the Morrowind patch. Magicka Templar has great utility and can self sustain very well. Also has a powerful mix of single and area of effect damage. We will be mixing in Shock and Fire damage and benefit from Lambris AOE damage. Since Magicka Templar's main ability heals ... Read more...

Justice [Morrowind]
0 comments, 04/05/2017, by in build, DPS, Magicka, PvE, Templar

  This is my Justice build for the Morrowind patch for PvE Content. Magicka Templar is very easy class to master and has alot of STRONG damage over time abilities that help cleave along with channeled execute! Skills: http://www.elderscrollsbote.de/planer/#1-8d511640000b:141:127:14... Read more...