Combustion [Clockwork City]

Combustion [Clockwork City]


FeaR Turbo’s Combustion Build which utilizes heavy attacks and tons of damage over time. Dragonknight has great sustain with using an ultimate and big bonuses to heavy attacking with molten armaments!


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Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Head Velidreth Medium Divines Stamina
Shoulders Velidreth Medium Divines Stamina
Chest Hunding Medium Divines Stamina
Pants Hunding Medium Divines Stamina
Belt War Machine Medium Divines Stamina
Gloves War Machine Medium Divines Stamina
Shoes Hunding Medium Divines Stamina
Necklace War Machine Jewerly Robust Weapon Damage
Ring 1 War Machine Jewerly Robust Weapon Damage
Ring 2 War Machine Jewerly Robust Weapon Damage
Main Hand Hunding Rage Dagger Nirn Poison
Off Hand Hunding Rage Dagger Infused Berserk
Weapon 2 Maelstrom Bow Nirn Double Ravage Health Poisons




Warrior (if you have group pen support sets)

Lover (if you don’t have any group pen support sets)


Potions, Poisons & Food:



Champion Points:


  • 64 Mighty
  • 52 Precise Strikes
  • 72 Thaumaturge
  • 22 Piercing

The Atronach

  • 20 Master at Arms

The Tower

  • 51 Warlord
  • 19 Sprinter
  • 8 Bashing Focus

The Lover

  • 64 Tenacity

The Shadow

  • 44 Tumbling
  • 44 Shadow Ward

The Lady

  • 49 Elemental Defender
  • 49 Hardy
  • 40 Thick Skin

The Steed

  • 56 Iron Clad
  • 36 Spell shield







About Fear Turbo

The Last Proud Stamina Player.


  1. DB33
    June 22nd, 2017 16:32

    Thanks for doing this video. It helped me quite a bit.

    If you dont have the VMA daggers, what do you suggest?


  2. Gerson A Gomez
    June 23rd, 2017 1:22

    I did this build and my DPS increse from 13k to 24k that helped alot thank you..


    • Fear Turbo
      June 23rd, 2017 5:06

      Awesome!!!! You can go even more! Keep at it.


  3. Rivenger
    October 10th, 2017 22:10

    How do you make the double damage health poisons?


    • Rivenger
      October 10th, 2017 22:32

      Nvm I found it.


  4. AnxietyRx
    October 16th, 2017 17:04

    It would be helpful if you put rotations too, or at least in one of the builds because that’s the part I personally struggle with the most and/or don’t know at all. Good build though I’m definitely going to try it out


    • Fear Turbo
      October 16th, 2017 17:13

      Once Clockwork hits next monday, I will have build videos coming out like crazy! Be on the watch to my youtube (:


      • AnxietyRx
        October 30th, 2017 3:40

        Have you posted any build videos yet? Or are you still working on new builds?


        • Fear Turbo
          November 1st, 2017 16:15

          I haven’t been moving places IRL and spamming vAS HM in game. I am also trying to come up with a video structure and learn some new editing skills so the build videos are cleaner. I will try to get them out soon.


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