Master Guide – Magicka Warden [Companion]

Master Guide – Magicka Warden [Companion]

FeaR Turbo’s Companion build for the Wolfhunter patch for PvE Trials and Dungeons. This build is for end game players and focuses on Ranged attacks with multiple damage over time abilities.


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64M / 0H / 0S





Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Head Zaan Heavy Infused Magicka
Shoulders Zaan Medium Divines Magicka
Chest Perfect Mantle of Siroria Light Infused Magicka
Pants Perfect Mantle of Siroria Light Infused Magicka
Belt Perfect Mantle of Siroria Light Divines Magicka
Gloves Perfect Mantle of Siroria Light Divines Magicka
Shoes Perfect Mantle of Siroria Light Divines Magicka
Necklace Master Architect Jewelry Arcane Spell Damage
Ring 1 Master Architect Jewelry Arcane Spell Damage
Ring 2 Master Architect Jewelry Arcane Spell Damage
Main Hand Master Architect Inferno Infused Fire
Weapon 2 Maelstrom Inferno Infused Charged/Prismatic


Force Pulse is there when you want to cleave multiple targets and for the Destro Passive.

You want Flame enchant on front bar because you want that target to be burning (Fire blockade does 20% vs burning Targets) and the enchant will be procing off your Light attacks so you can focus this effect and damage. Also Swapping out back bar enchant to prismatic from Charged is easier than swapping fire to front and prismatic to back causing you to have 1 more staff than normal.

*Blockade procs enchants on closest targets. Prismatic fights in trials usually only have 1 boss that can be affected. Having the prismatic on back bar will only procc on the target that can be affected rather than having fire back and prismatic front which would mean fire enchant could procc on an add in the fight (from blockade) causing less single target damage.

If you can not be in range of  Zaan then you can swap out for Valkyn Skoria or Nerien’th.

You can add minor force into the build easily by being guarded. Also by adding trap or Acceleration to your back bar instead of Inner Light or Blue Betty.

If you find yourself running low on Magicka Switch out the Charged enchant to Absorb Magicka for better sustain.

** Bloodthirsty does not work with the bear ultimate but you will gain a lot of overall damage from two bloodthirsty over arcane depending on fight.




High elf



Potions & Food:



Champion Points:

The Apprentice

  • 64 Elemental Expert
  • 44 Elfborn
  • 22 Spell Erosion

The Atronach

  • 66 Master at Arms
  • 16 Staff Expert

The Ritual

  • 48 Thaumaturge

The Tower

  • 51 Warlord

The Lover

  • 75 Arcanist
  • 64 Tenacity

The Shadow

  • 19 Tumbling
  • 51 Shadow Ward

The Lady

  • 64 Elemental Defender
  • 64 Hardy
  • 66 Thick Skin

The Steed

  • 66 Iron Clad








Pre Fight:

Potion and Blue Betty

Starting Fight:

Light attack > Blockade > Light attack > Winter’s Revenge > bar swap

Light attack > Fetcher Infection > Light attack > Eternal Guardian > Light attack > Fetcher Infection

Light attack > Ele weapon xwith Light weaving


General Idea:

You will be Light weaving Elemental Weapon when your Damage over time abilties are going.

You will always Fetcher infection then light weave another skill example: Elemental or Eternal Guardian then use Fetcher infection AGAIN because it does 50% more damage on 2nd cast.

There is a travel time for Fetcher Infection therefore you must judge your distance from the target and first use of the skill to the next use for the 50% increase. (May have to cast 2 or more skills before recasting due to your distance from the target.)

If you cast Fetcher Infection once and then again right after depending on distance it may not deal any of the damage over time initial tick which would be a waste of a GCD.

Your Blockade and Winter’s Revenge will be on different timers since both skills have different duration so you will be swapping back for both at different times.

Bar swap blue betty when needed for sustain either front or back bar.

Always cast Enternal Guardian on front bar because your Master Architect 5 item set is on your front bar.



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