Elloa’s Serenity [Homestead]

Elloa’s Serenity [Homestead]


This build focuses on vMA for the dragon knight. The play style is all about kiting the enemy! Using Bow as main damage dealing with Two Hander defensively. This unique play style will give you a fresh time in vMA and make it feel new again!  Any of the skills are changeable to your liking!





Bow bar: The Offense Bar

  • Poison Injection
  • Draining Shot
  • Acid Spray
  • Focused Aim
  • Flames of Oblivion
  • Ballista Ult

2h Bar: The Defense Bar

  • Volatile Armor
  • Rearming Trap
  • Dragon Fire Scale
  • Igneous Shield
  • Rally
  • Corrosive Armor


  • Vicious Ophidian– For minor slayer and 8% cost reduction and 2.1k Stamina back on kills. (Divines)
  • 1 Kra’gh– This 1 item has almost 2k pen. Big damage out of 1 item. (Medium Divines)
  • 5 Hawk Eye– Reduces the cost and increases the damage of bow abilities. (Medium Divines) (Bow Sharpened- Poison Enchant)
  • 2h vMA Sword–  Defending (or any sword)

Champion Points:


  • 100 Mighty
  • 46 Piercing
  • 27 Precise Strikes
  • 27 Thaumaturge

The Tower

  • 100 Warlord
  • 21 Sprinter

The Lover

  • 46 Tenacity

The Shadow

  • 33 Tumbling

The Lady

  • 100 Elemental Defender
  • 70 Hardy

The Steed

  • 30 Spell Shield

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