Flame Knight [Morrowind]

Flame Knight [Morrowind]


This is my Out of the Box series were we look at gear that isn’t top 2 BIS (best in slot) and see how it really compares in weakness and strength. Some offer unique play styles and might surprise you with just how effective they really are. This build will focus on flame damage.


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0L / 7M / 0H 0M / 0H / 64S


DW bar: Main Bar

  • Rending slashes
  • Venomous Claw
  • Deadly Cloak
  • Noxious Breath
  • Molten Armaments
  • ULT Dawnbreaker

This build is focuses on heavy attacks combing with Molten Armaments gaining 40% attack Damage on fully charged heavy attacks.

Bow Bar: Supportive Dots

  • Poison Injection
  • Endless
  • ReArming Trap
  • Caltrops
  • Flame of Oblivion
  • ULT Standard of Might

Since this is the flame verison we are going with Valk damage off our dots, Red mountain for Static 2 second prox damage. Along with a A heavy attack centric set Sunder Flame and group debuff.


Champion Points:


  • 43 Mighty
  • 30 Piercing
  • 23 Precise Strikes
  • 61 Thaumaturge

The Atronach

  • 34 Master at Arms
  • 8 Physical Expert

The Apprentice

  • 11 Elemental Expert

The Tower

  • 48 Warlord
  • 6 Sprinter
  • 21 Bashing Focus

The Lover

  • 43 Mooncalf
  • 64 Tenacity

The Shadow

  • 28 Tumbling

The Lady

  • 64 Elemental Defender
  • 64 Hardy
  • 34 Thick Skinned

The Steed

  • 48 Ironclad

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