The Gladiator [Morrowind]

The Gladiator [Morrowind]

This is Krotha’s Gladiator build for the Morrowind patch for the Non-Champion Point Campaign or Battle Grounds. Stamina Dragon knight is tanky class and has insane passives for sustain and damage over time. This build also has high sustain with item sets, great Crowd Control with skills, and big damage from item sets and combos.


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0L / 2M / 5H 0M / 0H / 64S


Sword & Bar: Alch Prox and CC bar

This build is focuses on big burst damage with Alch prox with an empowered Leap !

Two Handed: Damage & Finisher bar

You could put shuffle instead of Flames but you are very tanky and dish out the quick damage you do not really need it.


5 Clever Alchemist – 3 Impenetrable Armor (Chest,Pants, Boots)/ 1 Hand Weapon Sharpened (Weapon Damage Enchant) Sword & Shield (Impen) / Greatsword Back bar (Sharpened)

5 Bone Pirate – 3 Jewerly (ALL weapon damage enchants), 2 Armor (Gloves, Belt) 1 Well fitted/1 Impenetrable

2 Troll King – Both Heavy 1 Well fitted/1 Impenetrable



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The OG Orc Stam DK

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