Infernal Moon [Morrowind]

Infernal Moon [Morrowind]

This is my Infernal Moon group build for the Morrowind patch for the Non-Champion Point Campaign. Magicka Sorcerer is very mobile and has insane passive for raw damage output along with in kit sustain.


Destruction: Offense Bar

  • Streak
  • Crystal Fragments
  • Endless Fury
  • Crushing Shock
  • Bound Aegis
  • Elemental Storm

This build is focuses on big burst damage with Prox Det, Massive DOT damage with Elemental Storm, and a finisher with Endless Furry to take on massive amounts of opponents.

Restoration: Protection Bar

  • Harness Magicka
  • Empowering Ward
  • Healing Ward
  • Power Surge
  • Bound Aegis
  • Energy Overload

Overload: Pre Rip Bar

  • Boundless Storm
  • Daedric Minefield
  • Dark Conversion
  • Proximity Detonation
  • Bound Aegis
  • Energy Overload

Tips! If you need more regen in this group build then take Engine Guardian for a monster set!


  • 5 Vicious Death – 4 Impen Armor, 1 Shock Staff (Sharpened)
  • 2 SlimeCraw’s Visage – 1 Heavy Helm Impen, 1 Medium Impen
  • 5 Moondancer – 3 Jewelry (Spell Damage enchants), 1 Armor infused, 1 healing staff (Defending)


This is a Non- CP build, so there is no CP. Hehe xD


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  1. Kaval Patel
    April 14th, 2017 20:41

    What can i run if i dont have moondancer? Willpower and random staff?


    • Fear Turbo
      April 15th, 2017 0:46

      Lich is an amazing option, 3 jewerly (Spell damage enchants), 1 Armor and 1 Healing staff.


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