Master Guide – Magicka Dragonknight [Inferno]

Master Guide – Magicka Dragonknight [Inferno]

This is FeaR Turbo’s Inferno build for the DragonBones patch for PvE Content. This build is for end game players and focuses on having two prox sets that provide Critical Chance and Spell damage or Magicka Regen. We will be using Moondancer on front bar only and with this you will be able to control your prox.



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Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Head Kena Light Divines Magicka
Shoulders Mechanical Acuity Light Divines Magicka
Chest Mechanical Acuity Heavy Divines Magicka
Pants Mechanical Acuity Medium Divines Magicka
Belt Moondancer Light Divines Magicka
Gloves Mechanical Acuity Light Divines Magicka
Shoes Mechanical Acuity Light Divines Magicka
Necklace Moondancer Jewerly Arcane Spell Damage
Ring 1 Moondancer Jewerly Arcane Spell Damage
Ring 2 Moondancer Jewerly Arcane Spell Damage
Main Hand Moondancer Inferno Infused/Nirn Fire
Weapon 2 Maelstrom Inferno Infused Berserker


Infused Front bar will give more Single Target vs Nirn

If an add is in front of the boss the enchant will prox on them so you are losing single target that is why I choose Nirn for overall damage in certain fights.


Race:  Dark Elf



Potions & Food:

Champion Points:

The Apprentice

  • 56 Elemental Expert
  • 56 Elfborn
  • 22 Spell Erosion

The Atronach

  • 66 Master at Arms

The Ritual

  • 40 Thaumaturge

The Tower

  • 52 Warlord

The Lover

  • 75 Arcanist
  • 37 Tenacity

The Shadow

  • 77 Shadow Ward

The Lady

  • 56 Elemental Defender
  • 56 Hardy
  • 40 Thick Skin

The Steed

  • 56 Iron Clad
  • 32 Spell shield

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