Eso Guide to Add-On’s

Eso Guide to Add-On’s
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Introduction to Add-on’s

This is a quick peek at add-on’s to expand your general ESO game experience, simplify common tasks, provide valuable game-play info and occasionally just add some comforting clutter to your screen.  We will put together a separate guide for PvP and team Raids – this will primarily focus on PvE tools.  One important thing to remember – these add-on’s use memory and some use a lot.  If you PvE on the same character you run on trial raids and through dungeons, then you will find that turning them off before you start a trial or dungeon may significantly improve performance and reduce lag.

Before I jump into looking at specific add-on’s and their use in ESO, I’m going to lift the intro to merchant add-on’s in our guild blog post on making gold in ESO.  Any intro to add-on’s needs a little color on installation and maintenance. If you game on a PC you are likely familiar with add-ons but if not or just new to these tools, the first add-on you need for ESO is Minion. This is an add-on manager and a very good one. You get it at ESOUI: – drop in and you will see a banner link to the Minion AddOn Manager Beta. Get it now; then explore ESOUI.

ESOUI is the premier resource site for ESO add-ons with a number of ways to filter and sort – happy browsing!! If you are new to add-ons and want to explore beyond what we recommend here, check out the What’s Hot list on ESOUI and have fun! The add-ons that follow are all available on ESOUI. One useful tip – check the comments tab on ESOUI to see if other players are having any issues with a specific add-on or if there are updates or fixes you should know about before installing or repairing. Remember to install Minion, then install the add-ons you have found using the Minion interface.  Just look for the “Find More” link on the Minion toolbar. The add-on links below will also take you to ESOUI. Once you have selected and installed your add-on’s via Minion, this little skeever can be set to automatically check for and install any updates to your game files.  Easy livin!

Lastly, if you want a quick easy fix for turning on and off add-on’s before you make that trial run or simple want to load custom sets of add-on’s you tailor for your different in-game activities there is an add-on for that:

Circonians Addon Selector – This is a great tool that will allow you to set custom groups of add-on’s you want for doing a wide range of activities and only those you need.  This can save a ton of memory usage and just tap what is essential for that activity.
Exploring Tamriel

This first group of add-on’s will help you navigate, discover and locate your way to ESO bliss:

Skyshards – This essential adds pins to your map showing you where all those skyshards have fallen to earth.  You can set to show both discovered and undiscovered shards, and customize the pin size and viewing distance.

Lorebooks – This add-on will place pins on your map showing the location of all books in the game.  This includes the tomes you need for the Mages Guild quest and all those for Eidetic memory.

Harvestmap – This will show all the locations you have discovered for harvest nodes and chests on your map and compass.  You can also import data from others to quickly populate your personal map’s database.  It also generates a heat map showing node density for quick farming as well as help you plan out farming routes.

Lost Treasure – This will add the locations to every treasure map and survey location in the game from all zones to your maps.  This add-on uses a lot of memory but saves a ton of time. The filters allow you to quickly focus on just what information you need.

Destinations – This add-on is one of the most useful you can have for PvE.  It will place markers for almost everything in game on your maps.  I mean pretty much everything from “I like M’aiq” to hard to find fishing spots.  If you are a completionest or simply fancy chasing every available achievement point available in the game, this add-on is a must-have.

A quick word on mini-maps:  if you like them and want one, keep in mind that they can be buggy and memory hogs.  I will list two – one that is basic, light weight and does not impact gameplay and one that is much more featured (with a cost).

Votan’s Mini Map – Simple and vanilla, this map should not impact game performance and is as basic as you can get.  If you just want that quick visual location reference without the frills, this is the one to get.

MiniMap by Fyrakin – This is the full meal deal when it comes to mini maps; but fair warning – it often goes out of date, uses a lot of resources and can get buggy quickly whenever ZOS tweaks their game files.  If it shows “out of date’ check the comments section on the add-on’s ESOUI page for user fixes.  It can often be “fixed” with a few simple changes to the code that you can do if you’re comfortable with doing simple code edits.


Crafting like a Master

These add-on’s will help you craft your way to riches, or simply just help you get that sh*t done.  Before you do anything around a crafting station there is one basic add-on must have:

FCO ItemSaver – This essential add-on’s core features include locking to prevent accidental deconstruction or researching of important items, inventory view filters, set piece marking for tagging multiple sets for easy equipping and a host of minor tools.  If you’ve ever decon’d a vMA sharpened weapon, you know exactly why you need this skeever – if you want to skip that experience, get this add-on!

Here are a small set of key add-on’s:

Crafting Stations – This add-on marks all set-piece crafting available in game along with displaying the set tool tips on mouse-over.

Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafters – This add-on is the greatest single time-saver in the game for crafters.  It automates the crafting of all daily writs except provisioning and alchemy.  It also automates the crafting of the same set of Master Writs and can automate the acceptance of different types of writs from the boards.  All features and craft types are on toggles.   You craft writs and want hours back in your gaming – get this and use it.

MultiCraft – You want to bang out those spell pots quickly? MultiCraft simply automates crafting multiples of anything.  Another great timesaver.

CraftStore (Misc Fixes) – This add-on provides a ton of useful information; most especially tracking all research and researchable items by character and level. The list of other useful crafting features tracked by this add-on are very useful and all on toggles.

AI Research Grid – This is another great tool for viewing and managing trait research across your characters organized in a sweet table-view.

Potion Maker – This is a great alchemy add-on that can provide easy shortcuts for crafting potions and poisons (including Dark Brotherhood).  It also allows you to set up favorites to make crafting your core potions & poisons easily.

ESO Master Recipe List – Like to cook?  This is the Senche’s meow for tracking and organizing all the provisioning recipes in the game by each character.  My favorite feature – it marks all recipes by known, unknown, needed for writs & master writs and tracking features.

Research Assistant – Another tool for tracking and managing trait research but is also far more lightweight that other add-on’s.  This one frequently falls out of date so be sure to check the comments section on ESOUI to see any current issues that other players may have.


Character Utility and Progression

This is the generalist bucket for some basic add-on’s that will make your daily play a bit easier.  First off, managing inventory:

Inventory Grid View – this is a handy tool that upgrades your inventory view by displaying it in a grid view.  This is a lot more compact and simple to quickly scan what is in your knapsack.

Dustman – this will help you keep down the zero-value junk that piles up during runs and raids.  It will identify, tag and even destroy junk you specify on the fly.  Super useful when your group wants to run all three pledges back to back or you find yourself jumping into a run before you have had a chance to clean up your inventory.

FCO ItemSaver – we have covered it earlier; this is just a reminder on this must-have add-on.

Advanced Filters – this handy add-on adds additional filters that allow you to quickly sort out that full inventory list into exactly the group of items you are looking for.  What is really sweet is that it works for your characters inventory AND your bank, your guild banks, guild stores and vendors.

Next up in this bucket are a few add-ons that help you manage your character progression and general game-play:

Wykkyd Outfitter – this little bit of sweetness allows you to set up defined gear-sets and action-bar sets and swap between them with a click.  If you are changing sets mid-raid for specific boss mechanics, then this is the tool for you.  If you just want to have more time playing and not rummaging through your bag looking for that missing pair of shoes, this is your savior.  Wykkyd makes a lot of cool tools including their Wykkyd Framework and Wykkyd Gaming Suite – check them out on ESOUI.

SpentSkillPoints – this gem simply displays how many skill points you have placed on each category and skill line.  Handy if you find yourself doing yet another re-spec and looking for clumps of points to move, and essential for those with math issues or just can’t be bothered counting.


Shissu’s LUA Memory – This is a godsend if you are tired of those LUA memory warnings and want a simple way to manage your memory allocation.  Almost a must-have, definitely a super valuable time saver.

Azurah Interface Enhanced – This add-on allows you to unlock all the standard information blocks in the base game and move/resize however your heart desires.  Handy if you want to customize your screen display.

pChat – this is just fun – it allows you to customize the way chat displays.  Love it!


Pastime of the Gods, ya gotta fish and if you fish, ya gotta have these.  If you want to get a lot more joy out of flipping your fly in Tamriel, then check out our extensive blog post on Fishing – it is the bible:

Votan’s Fisherman – This add-on stores the type of fish and bait for everything you catch at each location in game so you can easily see what bait to equip and where to look for completing each zone.

Votan’s Fish Fillet – if you fish, this is one of the most useful add-on’s in the game.  Select the stack of little slimy bodies and in one click you can watch them get skinned and all that Perfect Roe pile up on your bag without getting your hands & armor dirty.

Rare Fish Tracker – this is an essential tool for anyone chasing the fishing achievement.  A must have.

Beyond the Basics

Just spend 30 minutes on ESOUI and you will quickly see a world of fun, interesting and useful tools to enhance your game play.  Just remember that most add-on’s will impact your games performance to some degree, some measurably; so you will need to weigh each tools usefulness against the performance cost.  You can always use Circonian’s Addon Selector to manage your tools of choice and simply run only those you need for any given activity.

Coming up soon – add-on’s for combat, raids and team play!  Check back often for the latest FeaR Turbo Blog posts and enhance your gaming!



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