Justice [Morrowind]

Justice [Morrowind]
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This is my Justice build for the Morrowind patch for PvE Content. Magicka Templar is very easy class to master and has alot of STRONG damage over time abilities that help cleave along with channeled execute!


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5L / 1M / 1H 64M / 0H / 0S

Dual Wield: Main bar

  • Harness Magicka
  • Reflective Light
  • Radiant Oppression
  • Puncturing Sweeps
  • Inner Light
  • Shooting Star

This build is focuses on massive AoE with single target execute.

Destruction Fire: Buffs and damage over time

  • Blazing Spear
  • Blockade of Fire
  • ReArming Trap
  • Ritual of Retribution
  • Channeled Focus
  • Elemental Rage

Since this is the Morrowind PTS build things are subject to change so always come back to see those changes!


  • 5 Julianos – 3 Divines Armor, 2 Swords (1 Precise/Fire Enchant) (1 Sharpened/Spell damage Enchant)
  • 2 Grothdar– 1 Heavy Helm Divines, 1 Medium Divines
  • 5 Moondancer – 3 Jewelry (Spell Damage enchants), 2 Divines Armor
  • 1 vMA Fire staff– Sharpened

This is PTS build and once things are final the CP will be here soon!!


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