Rage [Homestead]

Rage [Homestead]

This is the RAGE build for CP PVP. This build focuses on sustain through heavy attacks and high burst damage with them. We will be wearing medium but be extremely tanky with amazing healing. It will take sometime to get use to not having a gap closer but I promise the offensive and defensive capabilities you will gain from not having a gap closer is great.




DW bar: The Offense Bar

  • Blood Craze
  • Javelin
  • Power of the light
  • Biting Jabs
  • Vigor
  • Smiting Dawnbreaker ult


2h Bar: The Defense Bar

  • Shuffle
  • Flex (Repentance/Rearming Trap/Carve)
  • Extended Ritual
  • Restoring Focus
  • Rally
  • Empowering Sweep



  • 5 Hunding Rage – Crit and Balance Damage (Impen and Sharpened Weapons) Sword+Axe
  • 2 Trolling King – Big healing and surviving burst ( Well fitted)
  • 5 Viper – Sustained damage and controlled burst. (Impen) (Weapon damage Enchants on Jewerly)
  • 2h VMA Axe –  Defending




Gameplay & Testing:


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