Master Guide – Stamina Templar [Rage]

Master Guide – Stamina Templar [Rage]
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FeaR Turbo’s Rage build for Champion Point Player vs Player. This build focuses on sustain through heavy attacks and high burst damage with them. We will be wearing medium but be extremely tanky with amazing healing. It will take sometime to get use to not having a gap closer but I promise the offensive and defensive capabilities you will gain from not having a gap closer is great.












Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Head Troll King Heavy Well Fitted Multi-Effect
Shoulders Troll King Light Well Fitted Multi-Effect
Chest Hunding Rage Medium Impen Multi-Effect
Pants Hunding Rage Medium Impen Multi-Effect
Belt Automaton Medium Impen Multi-Effect
Gloves Hunding Rage Medium Impen Multi-Effect
Shoes Automaton Medium Impen Multi-Effect
Necklace Automaton Jewerly Bloodthirsty Weapon Damage
Ring 1 Automaton Jewerly Robust Weapon Damage
Ring 2 Automaton Jewerly Robust Weapon Damage
Main Hand Hunding Rage Sword Nirn Befouled Weapon
Off Hand Hunding Rage Axe Infused Berserker Enchant
Weapon 2 Hunding Rage Axe Nirn Crushing Weapon


If someone in your group already has Troll King you can use Selene’s for more burst damage or Bloodspawn for tankiness and sustain.





Potions & Food:





Champion Points:

The Atronach

  • 28 Master at Arms
  • 9 Physical Weapon Expert
  • 18 Shattering Blows

The Ritual

  • 40 Thaumaturge
  • 40 Precise Strikes
  • 51 Piercing
  • 64 Mighty

The Tower

  • 51 Warlord
  • 14 Sprinter

The Lover

  • 49 Mooncalf
  • 43 Tenacity

The Shadow

  • 39 Befoul
  • 44 Tumbling
  • 10 Shadow Ward

The Lady

  • 37 Elemental Defender
  • 37 Hardy
  • 52 Thick Skinned

The Steed

  • 61 Iron Clad
  • 15 Medium Armor Focus
  • 48 Resistant

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