Wrobel Revenge [Morrowind]

Wrobel Revenge [Morrowind]



This is Fengrush’s Wrobel’s Revenge build for the Morrowind patch for the Non-Champion Point Campaign or Battle Grounds. Stamina Sorcerer is very mobile and has insane passive for raw damage output along with in kit sustain.

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1L / 1M / 5H



Sword & Bar: Offense Bar

  • Ransack
  • Streak
  • Reverberating Bash
  • Resolving Vigor
  • Critical Surge
  • Smiting Dawnbreaker

This build is focuses on big burst damage with Tremoscale, Viper, and dawnbreaker !

Two Handed: Buffs & Sustain

  • Critical Rush
  • Shuffle
  • Hurricane
  • Rally
  • Dark Deal
  • Energy Overload

Overload: Extra Utility

  • ReArming Trap
  • Razor Caltrops
  • Retreating Maneuver
  • Spell Symmerty
  • Dark Deal
  • Energy Overload

The third bar is for swapping stats around with Spell Sym & Dark Deal and adding more utility with caltrops & rearming trap.


  • 5 Impregnable – 5 Impen Armor, (1 Light Belt, 4 Heavy armor)
  • 2 Tremorscale – 1 Heavy Helm Impen, 1 Medium Impen Shoulder
  • 5 Viper – 3 Jewelry (Weapon Damage enchants), 1 Sharpened Dagger (Weapon damage enchant)/1 Shield Impen)
  • 1 vMA Axe – Sharpened/Defending

As long as you have impen everything and 5-1-1 Should be good to go. Tri enchants on everything will help round out all stats since you use all of them effectively.

This is a Non- CP build, so there is no CP. Hehe xD



1 in the chat, lads

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