June 2019

Become a Necromancer

Tamriel has always been home to those who practice the forbidden arts, though shrouded from public view. Now, make the undead serve your will with the all-new Necromancer Class!

Death is a weapon

This new class brings three unique and formidable Skill Lines for you to master, no matter how you play the game. Overwhelm your foes with destructive elemental spells, encase yourself in protective bone and flesh, and bolster you and your allies with living death magic. Whatever your role, the Necromancer Class brings you powerful new tools.


Imbue the dead with frost, fire, and lightning to bring ruin upon your enemies. Raise relentless hordes of the undead and allow your fallen enemies to intensify your unyielding assault.


Bend and break the dead to your will and use their remains to create impenetrable barriers and extend your own life. Control the battlefield with the bones of the departed.


Draw from the power of life and death to replenish and restore your allies. Resurrect your defeated comrades and keep them in the fight.

Grave Lord Skill Line

Frozen Colossus

Unleash a frostbitten Flesh Colossus to pulverize enemies. The Colossus smashes the ground three times, dealing Frost damage. Each smash applies major vulnerability to any hit for 3 seconds, Increasing their damage taken by 30%. Cast time: Instant. Target: Ground. Range: 28 Meters. Radius: 8 meters. Duration: 2 seconds. Cost: 150 Ultimate.

  • Pestilent Colossus: Deals disease damage. The colossus deals more damage with each smash.
  • Glacial Colossus:  The final smash stuns all enemies hit.

Flame Skull

Lob an explosive skull at an enemy, dealing flame damage. Every third cast of this ability deals 20% increased damage. Cast time: Instant. Target: Enemy. Range: 28 meters.

  • Venom Skull: Converts into a Stamina ability and deals Poison Damage. Casting any Necromancer ability counts towards the third cast.
  • Ricochet Skull: The third cast of the skull will bounce to other nearby enemies.


Summon a flaming skeleton from the ground after 2.5 seconds. The skeleton runs after the target and explodes when it gets close to them, dealing Flame Damage to all enemies nearby. Creates a corpse on death. This ability is also a Criminal act.

Cast time: Instant. Target: Enemy. Range: 28 meters. Radius: 6 meters.

  • Blighted Blastbones: Converts into a stamina ability and deals Disease damage. Reduces healing received on enemies hit.
  • Stalking Blastbones: Skeleton deals more damage the longer it chases the target.


Desecrate the ground at the target location, dealing Frost damage over 10 seconds. Consumes a corpse on cast deal 20% more damage. An ally standing in the graveyard can active the (Grave Robber) synergy, dealing Frost Damage to enemies in the area and healing you for the damage done. Cast time: Instant. Target: Ground. Range: 28 meters. Radius: 6 Meters. Duration: 10 seconds.

  • Unnerving Boneyard: Applies Major Fracture & Major Breach.
  • Avid Boneyard: You can use your own synergy.

Skeletal Mage

Unearth a skeletal mage from the dirt to fight by your side for 16 seconds. the Mage attacks the closest enemy every 2 seconds, dealing shock damage. Creates a corpse on death.Cast time: Instant. Target: Self. Duration: 16 seconds.

  • Skeletal Archer: Converts into a Archer and deals Physical damage. Each time the archer deals damage, its next attack will do 10% more damage than the previous attack.
  • Exploding mage: Explodes on death for additional damage.

Shock Siphon

Violently drain the last spark of life from a corpse, dealing shock damage over 12 seconds between you and the corpse.
Cast time: Instant. Range: 28 meters.
  • Mystic Siphon: Restores Magicka while tethering.
  • Detonating Siphon: Deals poison damage & explodes at the end.


Death Knell

10% critical chance vs targets below 25% for each Grave Lord ability slotted.


1500 Spell and Physical Penetration while a Grave Lord ability is active.

Reusable Parts

When an enemy dies within 4 seconds of being damaged by a summon, the next summon is free.

Rapid Rot

Increases your damage with damage over time abilties by 10%.

Bone Tyrant Skill line

Bone Goliath

Become a horrific bone Goliath, increasing your max health by 30,000 for 20 seconds and immediately restoring 30,000 health While transformed, your light attacks restore health. Cast time: Instant. Target: Self. Duration: 20 seconds. Cost: 300 ultimate

  • Pummeling Goliath: While Transformed, your bash attacks can hit multiple targets in front of you and deal physical damage.
  • Ravenous Goliath: Siphon health from enemies around you for 5% of your max health every second.

Death Scythe

Slice into your enemy’s life force, dealing Magic Damage. You heal for 25% of your maximum health for the first enemy hit and an additional 3% of your maximum health for each additional enemy hit up to five additional enemies.

  • Ruinous Scythe: Converts to a stamina ability. Enemies damaged by you receive 2000 heal absorption for 2 seconds, negating healing they receive.
  • Swift Scythe: After dealing damage, you heal for an additional 10% of your maximum health over 5 seconds.

Bone Armor

Wrap yourself in hardened bone, granting you Major resolve and major ward, increasing your physical resistance and spell resistance by 5280 for 18 seconds. Creates a corpse when the effect completes. Cast time: Instant. Target: self. Duration: 18 seconds.

  • Beckoning Armor: While active, enemies that strike you beyond 7 meters will be pulled towards you once every 3 seconds.
  • Beneficent Armor:  While active, reduce the cost of Summons by 12%.

Curing Cadaver

Sap the lingering life from fresh corpses, healing you for 2970 health and an additional 75% health per additional corpse. Cast time: Instant. Target: Area. Radius: 12 Meters. Cost: None.

  • Mortuary mending: Each corpse you consume grants you major protection for 1 second, reducing the damage you take by 30%.
  • Curative Boon: Each corpse you consume gives you 5 ultimate.

Grave Grasp

Summon three patches of skeletal claws from the ground in front of you, snaring your enemies and inflicting minor maim for 5 seconds. Cast time: instant. Target: area. Area: 18×5 meters. Duration: 1 second.

  • Empowering Grasp: Hitting you or your allies grants them empower for 5 seconds, Hitting your skeletal mage or spirit mender enhances them for 5 seconds, increasing their effectiveness by 40%.
  • Clutching Grasp: Each patch can immobilize one enemy for 4 seconds.

Bone Totem

Place a totem of bone at your feet that gives minor protection to you and your allies for 8 seconds. After 2 seconds, the totem fears enemies, holding them in place for 4 seconds. Cast time: Instant. Target: Area. Radius: 6 meters. Duration: 8 seconds.

  • Remote Totem: The totem can be summoned up to 28 meters away
  • Agony Totem: Allies can activate Pure Agony, causing enemies to take Magic damage over 5 seconds and applying minor vulnerability to them for the duration.


Death Gleaning

Gain 100 Stamina and Magicka whenever a target within 28 meter range of you dies.

Last Gasp

Gain 2,000 Max Health

Disdain Harm

Reduces your Damage taken by Damage over time by 10%.

Health Avarice

Increase your healing received by 2% for each bone tyrant ability slotted.

Living Death Skill Line


Bring your allies back from the brink of death, resurrecting up to 3 allies at the target location. Cost 200 Ultimate

  • Renewing Animation: You restore 5300 Magicka and Stamina for each ally you resurrect.
  • Animate Blastbones: You consume up to 3 other corpses in the area and summon a blastbones for each corpse consumed.

Render Flesh

Sacrifice your own power to repair damaged flesh, healing you or an ally in front of you but applying minor defile to yourself for 4 seconds.

Cast time: Instant. Target: Area. Area: 28×12 meter.

  • Resistant Flesh: You grant the target Spell and Physical Resistance equal to half the amount healed for 3 seconds.
  • Bereft Flesh: Consume a corpse near you when cast to heal a second target.

Spirit Mender

Conjure a ghostly spirit to do your bidding and stay by your side for 16 seconds. The spirit heals you or the lowest health ally around you every 2 seconds.

Creates a corpse on death. Cast time: Instant. Target: Self. Duration: 16 seconds.

  • Spirit ward: While active, 10% of the damage you take is transferred to the spirit instead.
  • Intensive Mender: Shortens the duration but keeps same healing potency.

Restoring Tether

Siphon the last remnants of life from a corpse, healing over 12 seconds to you and all allies between you and the corpse.

Cast time: Instant. Range: 28 meters.

  • Braided Tether: Each ally between you and the corpse increases the healing done by 5% up to a maximum of 30%
  • Adjacent Tether: The closer you are to the corpse the more healing is done, up to a maximum of 30% more healing if you are right next to the corpse.

Life amid Death

Release residual fragments at the target location, healing you and your allies. Consumes a corpse for addtional heal over 5 seconds. Cast time: instant. Target: Ground. Range: 28 meters. Radius: 8 meters.

  • Renewing Undeath: Consumes a corpse on cast immediately remove up 3 negative effects and continue to heal you and your allies in the area.
  • Enduring Undeath: Consume up to 5 additional corpses on cast, with each corpse extending the duration of the heal over time by 5 seconds.


Embrace the power of death, removing up to 3 negative effects from yourself and restoring 3090 magicka or stamina over 5 seconds whichever maximum is higher.

Cast time: Instant. Target: self. Cost: Health

  • Expunge and Vivify: You also restore 1020 magicka or stamina over 5 seconds, whichever maximum is lower.
  • Expunge and Modify: You restore 10% more resources for each negative effect you remove.


Near-Death Experience

While you have a living death ability slotted, your critical strike chance with all healing abilities is increased by up to 20% in proportion to the severity of the target’s wound.

Curative Curse

When you have a negative effect on you, healing done is increased by 8%

Corpse Consumption

Consuming a corpse restores 10 Ultimate. This can happen once every 16 seconds.

Undead Conferate

While you have a necromancer summon active, your magicka and stamina recovery is increased by 300