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Sorcerer Magicka Damage Dealer

Great for new players just starting their journey into the beginning of champion points. These guides will require Beginner Tier Crafting (Champion Point 150)

Amazing for those who have experience in combat and are looking to fine tune their character’s build with easy to obtain gear. Normal Dungeons, Normal Trials, and Mid-Tier crafting. (Champion Point 300)

Starting point for those wanting more out of their character. Here we will start using Veteran Content gear but still air on the side of caution when it comes to Sustain and Max Health. Veteran Trials, Master Crafting, Veteran Dungeons, and sometimes Normal Trials gear which we can upgrade. (Champion Point 500 & Max Champion Point)

This is where it gets serious. Best in slot (with options) and min maxed out of your mind. End game builds where you will rely on your team mates for certain aspects while you push the limits of your own character. Single Target and AoE effect set ups. Veteran Trials, Veteran Dungeons with Hard modes included. (Max Champion Point)